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How can you help your students be conscious of their digital identity and build a positive digital footprint? Think of a lesson you have planned (or are planning) that integrates the use of ICT either as a planning tool, a communication tool, a collaboration tool or a production tool. Before your students use these tools, what should they be aware of in regards to their digital footprint?

In order to obtain this badge, please choose one of the options below:

1. Using the following checklist, please create/adapt and share a lesson that demonstrates how you have included the concepts of digital footprints.

2. Send us a presentation demonstrating how you have carried out a lesson including the concepts of digital footprints in your classroom. Make sure the elements from the checklist are included.

Digital Footprint Checklist

Types of footprints

  • Voluntary
  • Involuntary
  • Inherited

Ownership of online content

  • How to limit your traces (according to student’s level)
  • Using public/private computers
  • Keep track of your online footprint
  • Choosing the privacy levels for what you share online

Permanent nature of online content

  • Managing your online footprint (according to student’s level)
  • Maintaining a positive online image
  • Removing unwanted content

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