Digital Dynamo – Silver – Step Two: Tool Exploration

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You can have the most direct influence on your digital footprint by leaving positive traces in the online world. Whether this is a personal profile for connecting or sharing, creating your own blog, or commenting on someone else’s blog, you can positively shape your online identity.


Tips and tricks to keep in mind when creating your online profile, inspired from How to Write a Professional Bio For Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google +

1. Show, don’t tell: “What have I done” > “Who I am”
Instead of just saying that you do stuff. Give the specifics of what you have done. Examples will offer your audience a much more precise portrait of your achievements rather than vague general points. It is much more effective.

2. Tailor your keywords specifically to your audience
Think to yourself, who would be reading this? Write / share using the language that they are familiar with. You wouldn’t necessarily address parents, students or peers using the same language.

3. Keep language fresh and avoid buzzwords
Often in our personal and professional lives, certain words become very popular and then fall out of style. Maybe try to avoid using those types of “buzzwords” to keep your bio from quickly looking like it is out of date.

4. Answer one question for the reader: “What’s in it for me?”
If you are writing / sharing with the intention of imparting your experiences to help others, you have to ask yourself if you are presenting your material in a way that is helpful to others, so that they can truly learn from your experiences.

5. Revisit often
You will undoubtedly have more things to share as time goes on. Did you remember to share these great things as they happened? Remember to go back and update or revise your accomplishments periodically to ensure that you don’t leave anything out.

Here is a sample of popular online tools. Even if you have used some of these before, for your own personal or professional interest, read a few of these help pages to learn something new about creating online profiles.

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