Chief Consumer – Bronze – Step Five

Chief Consumer – Bronze – Step Five

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Please begin by looking at this poster which lists the characteristics of an entrepreneur.


Then, click on the link below to do your own entrepreneurial self-assessment. Please note that this questionnaire will only work once per computer:
Entrepreneurial potential self-assessment

Personal Reflection:
Having learned about the characteristics of an entrepreneur and having completed the self-assessment form, do you think you might become an entrepreneur?

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Protector of the Realm – Gold – Single Step

Protector of the Realm – Gold – Single Step

Using the following resources, develop, with your students, a plan to help prevent cyberbullying in your school.

Your plan can be a document, poster, slideshow, video or any other type of multimedia presentation.

Please make sure the level you teach is indicated as your plan will differ if you teach at kindergarten/elementary level or a secondary level.

Please integrate any current plan or initiatives you may have in regards to zero tolerance to violence in the school and bullying as well as diversity awareness.

Please fill out this form:

Submit your plan using the submission box below, then click next to proceed. Your badge will be awarded once your submission is reviewed.

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Protector of the Realm – Silver – Quiz

Protector of the Realm – Silver – Quiz

Protector of the Realm Quiz - Silver Level

To finish and receive your badge for Protector of the Realm – Level Silver, you must complete this short quiz. Good luck!

Protector of the Realm – Silver – Step Three

Protector of the Realm – Silver – Step Three

Explore a lesson that addresses cyberbullying from the:

Media Smarts’ Cyberbullying Resources


Keep in mind that as part of the Quebec Education Program students must learn to be respectful of others when expressing their point of views on different subjects whether it is about their values, their convictions or the opinions of others. Bearing that in mind and the growing access students have to the Internet and various forms of communications, it is very important to address these themes from a very young age.


Kindergarten and Grades 1 & 2:

Screen Out the Mean (French translation)


Grades 3-5:

The Power of Words


Grades 6-8:

Cyberbullying: Be Upstanding


Grades 9-11:

Turn Down the Dial on Cyberbullying and Online Cruelty


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